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DJ NeeKo Killa, (Nicolas Negri): born January 1982, in Nice, France.
With seven years of music theory and classes that plunged him from an early age on into the music and art industry. He bought his first vinyl in 1997 which was only the beginning of a long series that followed.

Loving and accepting  Music with a big "M" Dj Neeko Killa refuses to be stored in a category.
His passion for dance has been the foundation for his diversified musical genres ranging from: CLUB, HipHop, Dancehall, House, Electro, Funk, To name a few.

DJ NeeKo can ignite the fire to a Dance Battle as easily as he could give a Clubbing or Underground atmosphere to a party. His sounds hit heavy with a selection that flows and mixes smoothly, rarely commercial nor overplayed, the audience is always left satisfied regardless of their age or musical preference.

Many trips on all continents has given him the opportunity to share the stage with a lot of international artists who have positively influenced the advancement of his career.

Besides his many talents as a DJ and a dancer, he has also composed and produced various “Mixtapes” such as From Old To New, Original Killa Breaks 1 & 2, Mek Dem Know, From Old to New etc. which have successfully hit over 100,000 downloads on the Internet.

Having traveled around the world, DJ NeeKo Killa has lived 3 years Montreal, partaking in various artistic projects.

In 2010, he won the “Best Battle Dj Award" and was the most booked “Battle” Dj in all of Eastern Canada.

Now Back in France he created the company Mita Music© (Private events, Dj classes, Record studio) and continuously involved in many artistic projects, battles, Mixtapes, Club, Private Party’s...

2014 Neeko killa is booked is in many NightClub and many private party of the "French Riviera", for its qualities of Urban DJ.
He also becomes the Resident' DJ of the VILLAGE CLUB,  one of the biggest club in the French Riviera, for Different hip hop And Club Events: Mademoiselle' Party - Street Dance Party - Black & Gold Party.

Few Dates:

- DROP CLUB. (Hong Kong - China)
- Résident VILLAGE CLUB 2014, Soirée Mademoiselle & Street Dance. (Juans les pins - France)
- B 52 Club. (Corse)
- The Top Wanted Vol2. (Hong Kong - China)

- SWING CLUB, résident des soirées Wha GWaan  (Nice - France)
- ANNEXE CLUB, tropical Addiction. (St Laurent - France)
- MONTE CRISTO CLUB, Soirées Afro Vs Dancehall  (Cannes - France)
- BUSY SIGNAL showcase. (Puget, France)
- CALYPSO CLUB (Nice - France)
- SORA CLUB, résident. (Montréal - Canada)
- LAB Bar, résident. (Montréal - Canada)
- STARS n BAR, Official Red Bull Dj. (Monaco)
- United Kingz Festival - Nice (France)
- NEEKO KILLA BANGKOK TOUR 2008. (Thaïlande)
- Hip Hop Classes - Nice (France)
- DJ MIKE ONE feat NeeKo Killa. (Nice - France)
- BAIN MATTHIEU - Montréal (Canada)
- SNIPER tour. (Montréal / Québec/ 3 rivières)
- ALONZON Tour - (Hyeres - France)

- UJO CLUB, Fatal Connection, Hip Hop vs Dancehall. (Montréal - Canada)
- SORA CLUB - Wha Gwaan 1000% Dancehall. (Montréal - Canada)
- L'ABREUVOIR - (Montréal - Canada)
- STUDIO ST CATHERINE - La Nuit Blanche - (Montréal - Canada)
- LES 2 FRERES, résident soirées Wha gwaan. (Nice - France)
- THEATRE DE VERDURE, Jeux de la Francophonie - (Nice - France)
- LE VOLUME, My vision of Hip Hop. (Nice - France)

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